Report Number: CSL-TR-76-114
Institution: Stanford University, Computer Systems Laboratory
Title: EMMY/360 functional characteristics
Author: Wallach, Walter A. Jr.
Date: June 1976
Abstract: An emulation of the IBM System/360 architecture is presented - the EMMY/360. Problem state code which executes correctly on an IBM 360 will also execute correctly on the EMMY/360. Code producing execution exceptions will, in most cases, produce the same results on the two systems. Certain exceptions occurring on IBM 360 cannot occur on the EMMY/360, such as address specification exceptions for main store operands, and certain precise interrupts on IBM 360 will be imprecise on the EMMY/360, such as address exceptions. The EMMY/360 supports the Standard 360 instruction set with single precision floating point. The 360 input/output structure is not supported; I/O on the EMMY system is done by Function Call instruction, rather than channel program and Start-Test I/O.