Report Number: CSL-TR-70-11
Institution: Stanford University, Computer Systems Laboratory
Title: The SPOOF: a new technique for analyzing the effects of faults on logic networks
Author: Clegg, Frederick W.
Date: August 1970
Abstract: In general, one cannot predict the effects of possible failures on the functional characteristics of a logic network without knowledge of the structure of that network. The SPOOF or structure-and parity-observing output function described in this report provides a new and convenient means of characterizing both network structure and output function in a single algebraic expression. A straightforward method for the determination of a SPOOF for any logic network is demonstrated. Similarities between SPOOF's and other means of characterizing network structure are discussed. Examples are presented which illustrate the ease with which the effects of any "stuck-at" fault - single or multiple - on the functional characteristics of a logic network are determined using SPOOF's.