Report Number: CS-TR-95-1555
Institution: Stanford University, Department of Computer Science
Title: Real-time Database Experiences in Network Management Application
Author: Kiriha, Yoshiaki
Date: September 1995
Abstract: This report discusses our experiences with real-time databases in the context of a network management system, in particular a MIB (Management Information Base) implementation. We propose an active and real-time MIB (ART-MIB) architecture that utilizes a real-time database system. The ART-MIB contains a variety of modules, such as transaction manager, task manager, and resource manager. Among the functionalities provided by ART-MIB, we focus on transaction scheduling within a memory based real-time database system. For the developed ART-MIB prototype, we have evaluated two typical real-time transaction scheduling algorithms: earliest deadline first (EDF) and highest value first (HVF). The main results of our performance comparison show that EDF outperforms HVF under a low load; however, HVF outperforms EDF in an overload situation. Furthermore, the fact that the performance crossover point closely depends on the magnitude of the scheduler queue, has been validated.