Report Number: CS-TR-92-1412
Institution: Stanford University, Department of Computer Science
Title: Toward agent programs with circuit semantics
Author: Nilsson, Nils J.
Date: January 1992
Abstract: New ideas are presented for computing and organizing actions for autonomous agents in dynamic environments - environments in which the agent's current situation cannot always be accurately discerned and in which the effects of actions cannot always be reliably predicted. The notion of "circuit semantics" for programs based on "teleo-reactive trees" is introduced. Program execution builds a combinational circuit which receives sensory inputs and controls actions. These formalisms embody a high degree of inherent conditionality and thus yield programs that are suitably reactive to their environments. At the same time, the actions computed by the programs are guided by the overall goals of the agent. The paper also speculates about how programs using these ideas could be automatically generated by artificial intelligence planning systems and adapted by learning methods.