Report Number: CS-TR-91-1350
Institution: Stanford University, Department of Computer Science
Title: A programming and problem solving seminar.
Author: Chang, Edward
Author: Phillips, Steven J.
Author: Ullman, Jeffrey D.
Date: February 1991
Abstract: This report contains transcripts of the classroom discussions of Stanford's Computer Science problem solving course for Ph.D. students, CS304, during Winter quarter 1990, and the first CS204 class for undergraduates, in the Spring of 1990. The problems, and the solutions offered by the classes, span a large range of ideas in computer science. Since they constitute a study both of programming and research paradigms, and of the problem solving process, these notes may be of interest to students of computer science, as well as computer science educators. The present report is the ninth in a series of such transcripts, continuing the tradition established in STAN-CS-77-606 (Michael J. Clancy, 1977), STAN-CS-79-707 (Chris Van Wyk, 1979), STAN-CS-81-863 (Allan A. Miller, 1981), STAN-CS-83-989 (Joseph S. Weening, 1983), STAN-CS-83-990 (John D. Hobby, 1983), STAN-CS-85-1055 (Ramsey W. Haddad, 1985), STAN-CS-87-1154 (Tomas G. Rokicki, 1987), and STAN-CS-89-1269 (Kenneth A. Ross, 1989).