Report Number: CS-TR-90-1313
Institution: Stanford University, Department of Computer Science
Title: Book review: Potokovye Algoritmy (Flow Algorithms) by G. M. Adel'son-Vel'ski, E. A. Dinic, and A. V. Karzanov.
Author: Goldberg, Andrew V.
Author: Gusfield, Dan
Date: June 1990
Abstract: This is a review of the book "Flow Algorithms" by Adel'son-Vel'ski, Dinic, and Karzanov, well-known researchers in the area of algorithm design and analysis. This remarkable book, published in 1975, is written in Russian and has never been translated into English. What is remarkable about the book is that it describes many major results obtained in the Soviet Union (and originally published in papers by 1976) that were independently discovered later (and in some cases much later) in the West. The book also contains some minor results that we believe are still unknown in the West. The book is well-written and a pleasure to read, at least for someone fluent in Russian. Although the book is fifteen years old and we believe that all the major results contained in it are known in the West by now, the book is still of great historical importance. Hence a complete review is in order. [from the Introduction]