Report Number: CS-TR-90-1304
Institution: Stanford University, Department of Computer Science
Title: A model of object-identities and values
Author: Matsushima, Toshiyuki
Author: Wiederhold, Gio
Date: February 1990
Abstract: An algebraic formalization of the object-orlented data model is proposed. The formalism reveals that the semantics of the object-oriented model consists of two portions. One is expressed by an algebraic construct, which has essentially a value-oriented semantics. The other is expressed by object-identities, which characterize the essential difference of the object-oriented model and value-oriented models, such as the relational model and the logical database model. These two portions are integrated by a simple commutativity of modeling functions. The formalism includes the expression of integrity constraints in its construct, which provides the natural integration of the logical database model and the object-oriented database model.