Report Number: CS-TR-87-1154
Institution: Stanford University, Department of Computer Science
Title: A Programming and Problem-Solving Seminar
Author: Rokicki, T. G.
Author: Knuth, D. E.
Date: April 1987
Abstract: This report contains edited transcripts of the discussions held in Stanford's course CS304, Problem Seminar, during winter quarter 1987. Since the topics span a large range of ideas in computer science, and since most of the important research paradigms and programming paradigms were touched on during the discussions, these notes may be of interest to graduate students of computer science at other universities, as well to their professors and to professional people in the "real world." The present report is the seventh in a series of such transcripts, continuing the tradition established in STAN- CS-77-606 (Michael J. Clancy, 1977), STAN-CS-79-707 (Chris Van Wyk, 1979), STAN-CS-81-863 (Allan A. Miller, 1981), STAN-CS-83-989 (Joseph S. Weening, 1983), STAN-CS-83-990 (John D. Hobby, 1983), and STAN-CS-85-1055 (Ramsey W. Haddad, 1985).