Report Number: CS-TR-87-1149
Institution: Stanford University, Department of Computer Science
Title: Proceedings from the Nineteenth Annual Meeting of the Stanford Computer Forum
Author: Millen, K. Mac
Author: Diaz-Barriga, A.
Author: Tajnai, C.
Date: February 1987
Abstract: Operating for almost two decades, the Stanford Computer Forum is a cooperative venture of the Computer Science Department and the Computer Systems Laboratory (a laboratory operated jointly by the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Departments). CSD and CSL are intemationally recognized for their excellence; their faculty members, research staff, and students are widely known for leadership in developing new ideas and trends in the organization, design and use of computers. They are in the forefront of applying research results to a wide range of applications. The Forum holds an annual meeting in February to which three representatives of each member company are invited. The meeting lasts two days and features technical sessions at which timely computer research at Stanford is described by advanced graduate students and faculty members. There are opportunities for informal discussions to complement the presentations. This report includes information on the Forum, the program, abstracts of the talks and viewgraphs used in the presentations.