Report Number: CS-TR-86-1115
Institution: Stanford University, Department of Computer Science
Title: The heuristic refinement method for deriving solution structures of proteins
Author: Buchanan, Bruce G.
Author: Hayes-Roth, Barbara
Author: Lichtarge, Olivier
Author: Altman, Russ
Author: Brinkley, James
Author: Hewett, Micheal
Author: Cornelius, Craig
Author: Duncan, Bruce
Author: Jardetzky, Oleg
Date: March 1986
Abstract: A new method is presented for determining structures of proteins in solution. The method uses constraints inferred from analytic data to successively refine both the locations for parts of the structure and the levels of detail for describing those parts. A computer program, called PROTEAN, which encodes this method, has been partially implemented and was used to derive structures for the lac-repressor headpiece from experimental data.