Report Number: CS-TR-85-1068
Institution: Stanford University, Department of Computer Science
Title: GUIDON-WATCH: a graphic interface for viewing a knowledge-based system
Author: Richer, Mark H.
Author: Clancey, William J.
Date: August 1985
Abstract: This paper describes GUIDON-WATCH, a graphic interface that uses multiple windows and a mouse to allow a student to browse a knowledge base and view reasoning processes during diagnostic problem solving. Methods are presented for providing multiple views of hierarchical structures, overlaying results of a search process on top of static structures to make the strategy visible, and graphically expressing evidence relations between findings and hypotheses. This work demonstrates the advantages of stating a diagnostic search procedure in a well-structured, rule-based language, separate from domain knowledge. A number of issues in software design are also considered, including the automatic management of a multiple-window display.