Report Number: CS-TR-85-1036
Institution: Stanford University, Department of Computer Science
Title: Learning control heuristics in BB1
Author: Hayes-Roth, Barbara
Author: Hewett, Micheal
Date: January 1985
Abstract: BB1, a blackboard system building architecture, ameliorates the knowledge acquisition bottleneck with generic knowledge sources that learn control heuristics. Some learning knowledge sources replace the knowledge engineer, interacting directly with domain experts. Others operate autonomously. The paper presents a trace from the illustrative knowledge source. Understand-Preference, running in PROTEAN, a blackboard system for elucidating protein structure. Understand-Preference is triggered when a domain expert overrides one of BB1's scheduling recommendations. It identifies and encodes the heuristic underlying the expert's scheduling decision. The trace illustrates how learning knowledge sources exploit BB1's rich representation of domain and control knowledge, actions, and resuits.