Report Number: CS-TR-83-965
Institution: Stanford University, Department of Computer Science
Title: An approach to type design and text composition in Indian scripts
Author: Ghosh, Pijush K.
Date: April 1983
Abstract: The knowledge of letters exerts a dual enchantment. When it uncovers the relationships between a series of arbitrary symbols and the sounds of speech, it fills us with joy. For others the visible expression of the letters, their graphical forms, their history and their development become fascinating. The advent of digital information technology has opened new vistas in the concept of letter forms. Unfortunately the graphics industry in India has remained almost unaffected by these technological advances, especially in the field of type design and text composition. This report strives to demonstrate how to use various tools and techniques, so that the new technology can cope with the plurality of Indian scripts. To start with all you need to know is the basic shapes of the letters of the Roman alphabet and the sounds they represent. With this slender thread of knowledge an enjoyable study of letter design and text composition in Indian scripts can begin.