Report Number: CS-TR-83-963
Institution: Stanford University, Department of Computer Science
Title: A hardware semantics based on temporal intervals
Author: Halpern, Joseph
Author: Manna, Z ohar
Author: Moszkowski, Ben
Date: March 1983
Abstract: We present an interval-based temporal logic that permits the rigorous specification of a variety of hardware components and facilitates describing properties such as correctness of implementation. Conceptual levels of circuit operation ranging from detailed quantitative timing and signal propagation up to functional behavior are integrated in a unified way. After giving some motivation for reasoning about hardware, we present the propositional and first-order syntax and semantics of the temporal logic. In addition we illustrate techniques for describing signal transitions as well as for formally specifying and comparing a number of delay models. Throughout the discussion, the formalism provides a means for examining such concepts as device equivalence and internal states.