Report Number: CS-TR-82-931
Institution: Stanford University, Department of Computer Science
Title: PUFF: an expert system for interpretation of pulmonary function data
Author: Aikins, Janice S.
Author: Kunz, John C.
Author: Shortliffe, Edward H.
Author: Fallat, Robert J.
Date: September 1982
Abstract: The application of Artificial Intelligence techniques to real-world problems has produced promising research results, but seldom has a system become a useful tool in its domain of expertise. Notable exceptions are the DENDRAL and MOLGEN systems. This paper describes PUFF, a program that interprets lung function test data and has become a working tool in the pulmonary physiology lab of a large hospital. Elements of the problem that paved the way for its success are examined, as are significant limitations of the solution that warrant further study.