Report Number: CS-TR-82-928
Institution: Stanford University, Department of Computer Science
Title: Automated ambulatory medical record systems in the U.S.
Author: Kuhn, Ingeborg M.
Author: Wiederhold, Gio
Author: Rodnick, Jonathan E.
Author: Ramsey-Klee, Diane M.
Author: Benett, Sanford
Author: Beck, Donald D.
Date: August 1982
Abstract: This report presents an overview of the developments in Automated Ambulatory Medical Record Systems (AAMRS) from 1975 to the present. A summary of findings from a 1975 state-of-the-art review is presented along with the current findings of a follow-up study of a selected number of the AAMRS operating today. The studies revealed that effective automated medical record systems have been developed for ambulatory care settings and that they are now in the process of being transferred to other sites or users, either privately or as a commericial product. Since 1975 there have been no significant advances in system design. However, progress has been substantial in terms of achieving production goals. Even though a variety of systems are commercially available, there is a continuing need for research and development to improve the effectiveness of the systems in use today.