Report Number: CS-TR-82-895
Institution: Stanford University, Department of Computer Science
Title: GLISP users' manual
Author: Novak, Gordon S., Jr.
Date: January 1982
Abstract: GLISP is a high-level, LISP-based language which is compiled into LISP. GLISP provides a powerful abstract datatype facility, allowing description and use of both LISP objects and objects in A.I. representation languages. GLISP language features include PASCAL-like control structures, infix expressions with operators which facilitate list manipulation, and reference to objects in PASCAL-like or English-like syntax. English-like definite reference to features of objects which are in the current computational context is allowed; definite references are understood and compiled relative to a knowledge base of object descriptions. Object-centered programming is supported; GLISP can substantially improve runtime performance of object-centered programs by optimized compilation of references to objects. This manual describes the GLISP language and use of GLISP within INTERLISP.