Report Number: CS-TR-81-869
Institution: Stanford University, Department of Computer Science
Title: Computer Science comprehensive examinations, 1978/79-1980/81
Author: Tajnai, Carolyn E.
Date: August 1981
Abstract: The Stanford Computer Science Comprehensive Examination was conceived Spring Quarter 1971/72 and since then has been given winter and spring quarters each year. The 'Comp' serves several purposes in the department. There are no course requirements in the Ph.D. and the Ph.D. Minor programs, and only one (CS293, Computer Laboratory) in the Master's program. Therefore, the 'Comp' fulfills the breadth and depth requirements. The Ph.D. Minor and Master's student must pass at the Master's level to be eligible for the degree. For the Ph.D. student it serves as a "Rite of Passage"; the exam must be passed at the Ph.D. level by the end of six quarters of full-time study (excluding summers) for the student to continue in the program. This report is a collection of comprehensive examinations from Winter Quarter 1978/79 through Spring Quarter 1980/81.