Report Number: CS-TR-81-839
Institution: Stanford University, Department of Computer Science
Title: Short WAITS
Author: Samuel, Arthur L.
Date: February 1981
Abstract: This is an introductory manual describing the SU-AI timesharing system that is available primarily for sponsored research in the Computer Science Department. The present manual is written for the beginner and the user interested primarily in the message handling capability as well as for the experienced computer user and programmer who either is unfamiliar with the SU-AI computer or who uses it infrequently. References are made to the available hard-copy manuals and to the extensive on-line document files where more complete information can be obtained. The principal advantages of this system are: 1) The availability of a large repertoire of useful system features; 2) The large memory; 3) The large file storage system; 4) The ease with which one can access other computers via the ARPA net; 5) The file transfer facilities via the EFTP program and the ETHERNET; 6) The XGP and the DOVER printers and the large collections of fonts available for them; and 7) The fast and convenient E editor with its macro facilities.