Report Number: CS-TR-80-796
Institution: Stanford University, Department of Computer Science
Title: Essential E
Author: Samuel, Arthur L.
Date: March 1980
Abstract: This is an introductory manual describing the display-oriented text editor E that is available on the Stanford A.I. Laboratory PDP-10 computer. The present manual is intended to be used as an aid for the beginner as well as for experienced computer users who either are unfamiliar with the E editor or use it infrequently. Reference is made to the two on-line manuals that help the beginner to get started and that provide a complete description of the editor for the experienced user. E is commonly used for writing computer programs and for preparing reports and memoranda. It is not a document editor, although it does provide some facilities for getting a document into a pleasing format. The primary emphasis is that of speed, both in terms of the number of key strokes required of the user and in terms of the demands made on the computer system. At the same time, E is easy to learn and it offers a large range of facilities that are not available on many editors.