Report Number: CS-TR-80-780
Institution: Stanford University, Department of Computer Science
Title: The Computer Modern family of typefaces
Author: Knuth, Donald E.
Date: January 1980
Abstract: This report gives machine-independent definitions of all the styles of type planned for use in future editions of "The Art of Computer Programming." Its main purpose is to provide a detailed example of a complete family of font definitions using METAFONT, so that people who want new symbols for their own books and papers will understand how to incorporate them easily. The fonts are intended to have the same spirit as those used in earlier editions of "The Art of Computer Programming," but each character has been redesigned and defined in the METAFONT idiom. It is hoped that some readers will be inspired to make similar definitions of other important familites of fonts. The bulk of this report consists of about 400 short METAFONT programs for the various symbols needed, and as such it is pretty boring, but there are some nice illustrations.