Report Number: CS-TR-79-714
Institution: Stanford University, Department of Computer Science
Title: PCFORT: a Fortran-to-Pcode translator
Author: Castaneda, Fernando
Author: Chow, Frederick C.
Author: Nye, Peter
Author: Sleator, Daniel D.
Author: Wiederhold, Gio
Date: January 1979
Abstract: PCFORT is a compiler for the FORTRAN language designed to fit as a building block into a PASCAL oriented environment. It forms part of the programming systems being developed for the S-1 multiprocessor. It is written in PASCAL, and generates P-code, an intermediate language used by transportable PASCAL compilers to represent the program in a simple form. P-code is either compiled or interpreter depending upon the objectives of the programming system. A PASCAL written FORTRAN compiler provides a bridge between the FORTRAN and PASCAL communities. The implementation allows PASCAL and FORTRAN generated code to be combined into one program. The FORTRAN language supported here is FORTRAN to the full 1966 standard, extended with those features commonly expected by available large scientific programs.