Report Number: CS-TR-76-579
Institution: Stanford University, Department of Computer Science
Title: The A0 inversion model of program paging behavior
Author: Baskett, Forest
Author: Rafii, Abbas
Date: November 1976
Abstract: When the parameters of a simple stochastic model of the memory referencing behavior of computer programs are carefully selected, the model is able to mimic the paging behavior of a set of actual programs. The mimicry is successful using several different page replacement algorithms and a wide range of real memory sizes in a virtual memory environment. The model is based on the independent reference model with a new procedure for determining the page reference probabilities, the parameters of the model. We call the result the A0 inversion independent reference model. Since the fault rate (or miss ratio) is one aspect of program behavior that the model is able to capture for many different memory sizes, the model should be especially useful for evaluating multilevel memory organizations based on newly emerging memory technologies.