Report Number: CS-TR-75-537
Institution: Stanford University, Department of Computer Science
Title: Verification Vision within a programmable assembly system: an introductory discussion.
Author: Bolles, Robert C.
Date: December 1975
Abstract: This paper defines a class of visual feedback tasks called "Verification Vision" which includes a significant portion of the feedback tasks required within a programmable assembly system. It characterizes a set of general-purpose capabilities which, if implemented, would provide a user with a system in which to write programs to perform such tasks. Example tasks and protocols are used to motivate these semantic capabilities. Of particular importance are the tools required to extract as much information as possible from planning and/or training sessions. Four different levels of verification systems are discussed. They range from a straightforward interactive system which could handle a subset of the verification vision tasks, to a completely automatic system which could plan its own strategies and handle the total range of verification tasks. Several unsolved problems in the area are discussed.