Report Number: CS-TR-71-249
Institution: Stanford University, Department of Computer Science
Title: An annotated bibliography on the construction of compilers
Author: Pollack, Bary W.
Date: December 1971
Abstract: This bibliography is divided into 9 sections: 1. General Information on Compiling Techniques 2. Syntax- and Base-Directed Parsing 3. Parsing in General 4. Resource Allocation 5. Errors - Detection and Correction 6. Compiler Implementation in General 7. Details of Compiler Construction 8. Additional Topics 9. Miscellaneous Related References Within each section the entries are alphabetical by author. Keywords describing the entry will be found for each entry set off by pound signs (#). Some amount of cross-referencing has been done; e.g., entries which fall into Section 3 as well as Section 7 will generally be found in both sections. However, entries will be found listed only under the principle or first author's name. "Computing Reviews" citations are given following the annotation when available.