Report Number: CS-TR-71-215
Institution: Stanford University, Department of Computer Science
Title: PL360 (revised): a programming language for the IBM 360
Author: Malcolm, Michael A.
Date: May 1972
Abstract: In 1968, N. Wirth (Jan. JACM) published a formal description of PL360, a programming language designed specifically for the IBM 360. PL360 has an appearance similar to that of Algol, but it provides the facilities of a symbolic machine language. Since 1968, numerous extensions and modifications have been made to the PL360 compiler which was originally designed and implemented by N. Wirth and J. Wells. Interface and input-output subroutines have been written which allow the use of PL360 under OS, DOS, MTS and Orvyl. A formal description of PL360 as it is presently implemented is given. The description of the language is followed by sections on the use of PL360 under various operating systems, namely OS, DOS and MTS. Instructions on how to use the PL360 compiler and PL360 programs in an interactive mode under the Orvyl time-sharing monitor are also included.