Report Number: CS-TR-71-204
Institution: Stanford University, Department of Computer Science
Title: FETE: a Fortran execution time estimator
Author: Ingalls, Daniel H. H.
Date: February 1971
Abstract: If you want to live cheaply, you must make a list of how much money is spent on each thing every day. This enumeration will quickly reveal the principal areas of waste. The same method works for saving computer time. Originally, one had to put his own timers and counters into a program to determine the distribution of time spent in each part. Recently several automated systems have appeared which either insert counters automatically or interrupt the program during its execution to produce the tallies. FETE is a system of the former type which has two outstanding characteristics: it is very easy to implement and it is very easy to use. By demonstrating such convenience, it should establish execution timing as a standard tool in program development.