Report Number: CS-TR-70-170
Institution: Stanford University, Department of Computer Science
Title: Analysis and synthesis of concurrent sequential programs
Author: Bredt, Thomas H.
Date: May 1970
Abstract: This paper presents analysis and synthesis procedures for a class of sequential programs. These procedures aid in the design of programs for parallel computer systems. In particular, the interactions of a given program with other programs or circuits in a system can be described precisely. The basis for this work is a model for parallel computer systems in which the operation of each component is described by a flow table and the components interact by changing values on interconnecting lines. The details of this model are discussed in another paper [Stanford University Department of Computer Science report STAN-CS-70-160]. The analysis procedure produces a flow table description of a program. In program synthesis, a flow table description is converted to a sequential program. Using flow table design procedures, a control program for the two-program mutual exclusion problem is produced.