Report Number: CS-TR-70-160
Institution: Stanford University, Department of Computer Science
Title: A model for parallel computer systems
Author: Bredt, Thomas H.
Author: McCluskey, Edward J.
Date: April 1970
Abstract: A flow table model is defined for parallel computer systems. In this model, fundamental-mode flow tables are used to describe the operation of system componenets, which may be programs or circuits. Components communicate by changing the values on interconnecting lines which carry binary level signals. It is assumed that there is no bound on the time for value changes to propagate over the interconnecting lines. Given this delay assumption, it is necessary to specify a mode of operation for system components such that input changes which arrive while a component is unstable do not affect the operation of the component. Such a mode of operation is specified. Using the flow table model, a new control algorithm for the two-process mutual exclusion problem is designed. This algorithm does not depend on the exclusive execution of any primitive operations used in its implementation. A circuit implementation of the control algorithm is described.