Report Number: CS-TR-69-120
Institution: Stanford University, Department of Computer Science
Title: MUTANT 0.5: an experimental programming language
Author: Satterthwaite, Edwin H.
Date: February 1969
Abstract: A programming language which continues the extension and simplification of ALGOL 60 in the direction suggested by EULER is defined and described. Techniques used in an experimental implementation of that language, called MUTANT 0.5, are briefly summarized. The final section of this report is an attempt to assess the potential value of the approach to procedural programming language design exemplified by MUTANT 0.5. Implementation and use of the experimental system have indicated a sufficient number of conceptual and practical problems to suggest that the general approach is of limited value; however, a number of specific features were found to be convenient, useful, and adaptable to other philosophies of language design.