Report Number: CS-TR-68-95
Institution: Stanford University, Department of Computer Science
Title: A formal syntax for transformational grammar
Author: Friedman, Joyce
Author: Doran, Robert W.
Date: March 1968
Abstract: A formal definition of the syntax of a transformational grammar is given using a modified Backus Naur Form as the metalanguage. Syntax constraints and interpretation are added in English. The underlying model is that presented by Chomsky in "Aspects of the Theory of Syntax." Definitions are given for the basic concepts of tree, analysis, restriction, complex symbol, and structural change, as well as for the major components of a transformational grammar, phrase structure, lexicon, and transformations. The syntax was developed as a specification of input formats for the computer system for transformational grammar described in [Joyce Friedman, "A Computer System for Transformational Grammar," Stanford University Computer Science Department report CS-84, January 1968]. It includes as a subcase a fairly standard treatment of transformational grammar, but has been generalized in many respects.