Report Number: CS-TR-68-100
Institution: Stanford University, Department of Computer Science
Title: A computer model of information processing in children
Author: Bredt, Thomas H.
Date: June 1968
Abstract: A model of cognitive information processing has been constructed on the basis of a protocol gathered from a child taking an object association test. The basic elements of the model are a graph-like data base and strategy. The data base contains facts that relate objects in the experiment. The graph distance that separates two objects in the data base is the measure of how well a relation is known. The strategy used in searching for facts that relate two objects is sequential in nature. The model has been programmed for computer testing in the LISP programming language. The responses of the computer model and the original subject are compared. To aid in the model evaluation a revised test was defined and administered to two children. The results were modeled and the correspondence of model and subject performance is discussed.