Report Number: CS-TR-66-37
Institution: Stanford University, Department of Computer Science
Title: COGENT 1.2 operations manual
Author: Reynolds, John C.
Date: April 1966
Abstract: This document is an addendum to the COGENT Programming Manual (Argonne National Laboratory, ANL-7022, March 1965, hereafter referred to as CPM) which describes a specific implementation of the COGENT system, COGENT 1.2, written for the Control Data 3600 Computer. Chapters I and II describe a variety of features available in COGENT 1.2 which are not mentioned in CPM; these chapters parallel the material in Chapters II and III of CPM. Chapter III of this report gives various operational details concerning the assembly and loading of both COGENT-compiled programs and the compiler itself. Chapter IV describes system and error messages. Familiarity with the contents of CPM is assumed throughout this report. In addition, a knowledge of the 3600 operating system SCOPE, and the assembler COMPASS is assumed in Chapter III.