Report Number: CS-TR-64-11
Institution: Stanford University, Department of Computer Science
Title: Elastic-plastic analysis of trusses by the gradient projection method
Author: Nakamura, Tsuneyoshi
Author: Rosen, Judah Ben
Date: July 1964
Abstract: The gradient projection method has been applied to the problem of obtaining the elastic-plastic response of a perfectly plastic ideal truss with several degrees of redundancy to several independently varying sets of quasi-static loads. It is proved that the minimization of stress rate intensity subject to a set of yield inequalities is equivalent to the maximization process of the gradient projection method. This equivalence proof establishes the basis of the computational method. The technique is applied to the problem of investigating the possibilities of shake down and to limit analysis. A closed convex "safe load domain" is defined to represent the load carrying capacity characteristics of a truss subjected to various combinations of the several sets of loads.