Report Number: CS-TN-98-87
Institution: Stanford University, Department of Computer Science
Title: Scheduling Algebra
Author: Glabbeek, R.J. van
Author: Rittgen, P.
Date: December 1998
Abstract: The goal of this paper is to develop an algebraic theory of process scheduling. We specify a syntax for denoting processes composed of actions with given durations. Subsequently, we propose axioms for transforming any specification term of a scheduling problem into a term of all valid schedules. Here a schedule is a process in which all (implementational) choices (e.g. precise timing) are resolved. In particular, we axiomatize an operator restricting attention to the efficient schedules. These schedules turn out to be representable as trees, because in an efficient schedule actions start only at time zero or when a resource is released, i.e. upon termination of the action binding a required resource. All further delay would be useless. Nevertheless, we do not consider resource constraints explicitly here. We show that a normal form exists for every term of the algebra and establish soundness of our axiom system with respect to a schedule semantics, as well as completeness for efficient processes.