Report Number: CS-TN-97-60
Institution: Stanford University, Department of Computer Science
Title: Efficient Linear Re-rendering for Interactive Lighting Design
Author: Teo, Patrick C.
Author: Simoncelli, Eero P.
Author: Heeger, David J.
Date: October 1997
Abstract: We present a framework for interactive lighting design based on linear re-rendering. The rendering operation is linear with respect to light sources, assuming a fixed scene and camera geometry. This linearity means that a scene may be interactively re-rendered via linear combination of a set of basis images, each rendered under a particular basis light. We focus on choosing and designing a suitable set of basis lights. We provide examples of bases that allow 1) interactive adjustment of a spotlight direction, 2) interactive adjustment of the position of an area light, and 3) a combination in which light sources are adjusted in both position and direction. We discuss a method for reducing the size of the basis using principal components analysis in the image domain.